15 DECEMBER 2017


In this newsletter we will outline how you can benefit even more from Sportmarket Pro by requesting a slightly better odds that gets posted on an Exchange and has a good chance to get matched.

Please read about this as we have enabled a setting for everyone today and the information is important!

Team Sportmarket
Future Fulfilment + Offers posted on Exchanges

We have improved the functionality for Future Fulfilment. That is the feature where you can request a higher odds, than the best one available on the betslip, and choose a longer placement time. The system will then automatically place the bet for you if the requested odds becomes available during the time the order is open. You can read more about how Future Fulfilment works here.

In combination with checking if the odds will become available with any Bookmaker or Exchange the system will also put up the offer on Betdaq or Betfair making it more likely to be matched. The system will only do this if you have the setting ”Allow Putting Offers Up On Exchanges” enabled. More information about how this works can be found here.

***Today we have enabled that setting for all our customers!***

In case you want to avoid posting offers on the Exchanges you should go to ”Settings” and disable this feature.

We believe that the best way to use these features, and maximize the results from your sportsbetting, is to ”ask for” slightly higher prices (like 1-3 points) than the current top price for bets that you are going to place anyway. You might then offer the best price in the market for the opposing team and that is often attractive to someone else. You can try to get the better odds for a few minutes and if that fails you can take the regular offer.

Obviously, sometimes it can happen that odds changes and you might miss the price you first looked for but that downside should be compared to all the times you will get a better odds. If you are in a rush to place your bets we recommend that you just bet normally at the available price.

The best chance to get matched will be if you put up the offer maximum one hour before a game starts when other punters are also interested in the game. In order to get more matches for larger amounts we encourage our high rollers to get in (more or less exactly) one hour before the game starts and put up your offers. On Sportmarket Pro we usually have different customers betting both teams and totals on opposing sides. By posting offers, or checking the offers around the ”one-hour mark” you may get better odds and at the same time you can place a larger volume.
Lowered minimum deposit limit with Bitcoin

Below we will repeat the information about the new deposit/withdrawal methods that was communicated in the previous email. We advise everyone to check out TransferWise, it is such a great service as it is super quick (once you have opened your Borderless Account) to transact with us and it will also minimize costs for transfers. Another advantage is that there is no need to have plenty of transactions between countries.

You spoke and we have heard you! After the voting results on Twitter, we have decided to lower the minimum deposit for BTC. Now it is the same as for our other payment methods – €250 or a similar amount in other currencies.

Sportmarket now accepts deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin. The conversion to/from your account currency will be at the rate presented at at the time when we credit/debit your account, less a 1% fee. In order to deposit or withdraw in Bitcoin we kindly ask you to get in touch with our support for more information.


TransferWise started as a service for bank transfers with cheap currency conversions, where you make a transfer to another country but pay to a local bank and the receiver get funds from a local bank in his/her country. It works in most countries.

Through cooperations with real banks, TransferWise can now also provide you with a real bank account in EUR in a German bank (and some other currencies in other banks). They call that type of account a Borderless Account. Soon they will also be able to provide Debit Cards connected to the Borderless Account.

Sportmarket has identified that TransferWise will be a perfect substitute for other eWallets (like Skrill and Neteller) for most our customers as they can use the service as an eWallet with cheap conversion rates and minimal fees.

Sportmarket holds a Borderless Account, meaning we can make instant transactions with customers having a Borderless Account at a fixed rate of only €0,60 per transaction. And, best of all, the transactions will be processed in REAL TIME!

You can find more information about TransferWise here and more general details about them on their website where you also can set up your account with them.

Ni som ännu inte har sportmarket kan med fördel signa upp genom vår banner. Sportsmarket är oddsförmedlare där man som spelare endast behöver ett konto (1) för att kunna spela på siterna:
– Betfair*
– Betdaq
– Ga288 (GalaxyBet)
– Matchbook
– Pinnacle
– Singbet
– MMMbet
Dessutom har du en fantastiskt verktyg för att följa dina levande spel i aktuella matcher, och enklare livespela . Detta är inte endast för proffsen utan även för nöjesspelare med insatser från 250sek och uppåt, lägsta deposition är 1000kr.

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