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1. Who is the real guest? When the pools are collated and merged before providing the information to the host,
the host loses transparency as to where that bet has come from, and who placed it. This allows less scrupulous
operators to merge traffic together in order that certain sources of traffic be disguised as another, masking the
true origin of the traffic entirely.
2. What was the original bet? In 2002, Chris Harn, an employee of Autotote attempted to defraud the tote system
by creating a ticket and altering it at the last minute. A write up can be found here, however what the author
doesn’t tell us is that the ITSP system was the fatal flaw that allowed the crime to be facilitated. For complex
pools, ITSP doesn’t exchange information on tickets at all until the penultimate race is run. This is what allowed
Chris to effect the changes to the ticket before the last race ran, and still got a winning entry into the pool. In a
bet-by-bet system, this event could never have happened.
3. When does the pool close? Numerous examples of past-posting have occurred in the US and other countries, 
where guest systems have left the pools open long after the race is run. While this can occur for many reasons, 
and sometimes the host also suffers the same issue, but the problem persists despite many attempts to resolve 
it. At its core the problem exists because the guest system is capable of taking a bet whether the host’s pool is 
open or closed. While messages flow between the two systems to allow them to communicate these events and 
act upon them, delivery is not guaranteed, and so the action required to effect the closure of the pool is also not 


Open Tote är en av de som är samarbetspartners till ATG, Phumelela samt USA bland annat.

 are here: OpenTote Documentation » api

OpenTote API Documentation

OpenTote supports a variety of tote betting products, including horse racing, dog racing and sports pools. Each of these is presented as a similar interface, but the nuances of each product do mean that some of the different products have some API changes. You are advised to read the main web-services API documentation, and the updates service documentation, along with any of the variants you will be using.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with the documentation or process, we would advise you follow the WALKTHROUGH links, which will ensure you touch all the most important parts of the documentation without missing anything.

API Guides

Tote Specific Information


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